Stretch out your legs in Economy Plus®, and use fancy footwork to guide tossed items onto your tray table in Legroom Legend.

Hop on your roller suitcase and use
Premier Line® to hit the launch ramp and soar over the lines at the airport in Line Jump Hero.

Multiply your miles with Award Accelerator®. Collect double and triple bonus bubbles to reach destinations around the world in Mileage Ace.

Send your suitcase on a solo flight with
Door-to-Door Baggage®, as you guide your luggage to its destination in Suitcase Skyway.

Give Red Carpet Club® customers all the snacks, beverages and reading material they desire to keep their happiness meter high in Airport Oasis.

Campaign Elements

  • Mobile E-Certificate

  • In Airport Advertising

  • Advertising Banner

  • On Screen Advertising

  • Mobile Gameplay